Welcome! Velkommen!

Urban Chandlery was inspired by the use and love of candles found during many travels throughout Scandinavia. We craft luxurious candle creations in the beautiful Bay Area, made with an eye towards therapeutic, spiritual, and aesthetic elevation with twists of humor and magic.

Throughout the Nordic countries, candles are burned all year long, but particularly during the dark winter months to brighten the home and lift the heart. When walking down the busy streets of towns and cities, shops and restaurants often have small fires lit outside their doors to beckon guests inside where they'll find warmth, welcome, and the legendary Scandinavian concept of koselig, or coziness. It was this welcoming and lifting spirit that moved us to take up the craft of chandlery, or candle-making, and put a west coast twist on it. We strive to offer a unique product meant not just to provide light and atmosphere, but to become a part of the home and make memories.

To produce our special candles, we use all-natural coconut-blend wax, high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, responsibly harvested wood and natural cotton wicks, and containers specially chosen for both beauty and utility that are ready to use again when your candle has been enjoyed to its fullest.

Coconut wax produces an exceptionally silky candle that provides excellent scent throw both when lighting up your space and when doing double duty as room fragrance when unlit. Urban Chandlery crafts all of our custom scent blends to create special stories - sometimes inspired by Scandinavian lore, other times by our own fond recollections, but of all most of all by the adventures and memories we imagine you'll create as you let our candles illuminate your home and spirit.

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