Explore All Our Fragrances in Three Unique Sizes

You’ll love our compelling, nuanced aromas, each scent crafted with care to create a warm and inviting space. Crackling wood wicks and the soft note of coconut wax gently enhance each beautiful fragrance and make for a perfect, even-burning candle.

Hand-poured Urban Chandlery candles are ideal for any room in your home.

8 oz 'Luxe' Glass Candle - Wood Wick

Individually hand-poured into reusable, heavy-bottomed luxe glass containers, each candle is created with all natural coconut-blend wax and high-quality, phthalate-free essential and fragrance oils. Candles arrive in reusable, hand-stamped cotton gift bags that you can use for years to come.

A crackling wood wick imparts warmth and coziness to each candle. Coconut wax provides an exceptionally smooth and silky slow burn, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your gift. Your new 8-ounce candle will give you about 60-70 hours of delicious light and scent.

4 oz 'Lagom' Travel Tin

We call this size ‘lagom,’ a Swedish expression for ‘just right.’ Lighter and more portable than our glass candles, these 4-ounce travel candles slip easily into handbag, backpack, or weekender bag to keep you company on your journey – or just enjoy at home!

Each candle is poured individually by hand into a lightweight, durable gold tin that complements any decor, from minimalist to baroque, and is made with an all-natural coconut blend wax and high-quality, phthalate-free essential and fragrance oils and a natural cotton wick. This candle will burn for approximately 30 hours.

1 oz 'Baby' Travel Tin Sets

Take the magic with you wherever you go!

Adorable 1-ounce travel candles, each with a burn time of about eight hours. These little ones are perfect for travel, overnights, or anywhere you want to take a little magic.

Purchase options include: A sampler set of nine of our original signature scents, or your choice of any three scents.
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  • Basic Witch
  • Benito Canelo
  • Confession
  • Eden
  • Eleven
  • Freya's Tears
  • Hush
  • Kon-Tiki
  • Midsommar
  • Oslo Santo
  • Paloma
  • Ra's Journey
  • Ragnar's House
  • Rich Hippie
  • Soothe
  • Soulcake
  • Swedish Sugar Cookie
  • Viking Fire
Scent Notes
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  • Amber ()
  • Apple ()
  • Aquavit ()
  • Basil ()
  • Butterscotch ()
  • Buttery Sugar Cookie ()
  • Cardamom ()
  • Caribbean Teakwood ()
  • Coconut ()
  • Cucumber ()
  • Earth ()
  • Egyptian Musk ()
  • Firewood ()
  • Frankincense ()
  • Fresh Cut Grass ()
  • Hibiscus Flower ()
  • Lavender ()
  • Leather ()
  • Lilac ()
  • Lime ()
  • Mediterranean Fig ()
  • Midsommar ()
  • Myrrh ()
  • Palo Santo ()
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte ()
  • Red Cedar ()
  • Rose ()
  • Sage ()
  • Sandalwood ()
  • Sea Kelp ()
  • Sea Salt ()
  • Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate ()
  • Swedish Sugar Cookie ()
  • Sweet Mint ()
  • Sweet Orange ()
  • Teakwood ()
  • Toasted Brown Sugar ()
  • Vanilla ()
  • Vanilla Bean Flan ()
  • Wild Mountain Honey ()

Handmade in the San Franciso Bay Area

Keep the fires burning.

4 oz 'Lagom' Travel Tin

Sampler Sets

Can't decide which scent to try first? Try out our adorable 1oz Baby Travel Tin Candle Sets! Comes in a 10 pack or your choice of three signature frangrances.

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