Baby Travel Candles – Choose 3

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  • 1oz - Basic Witch: Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • 1oz - Benito Canelo: Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate
  • 1oz - Confession: Frankincense, Myrrh, & Rose
  • 1oz - Eden: Mediterranean Fig, Apple, & Earth
  • 1oz - Eleven: Cherry Tobacco, Luxe Leather, & Rose
  • 1oz - Freya's Tears: Amber, Wild Mountain Honey, & Rose
  • 1oz - Hush: Cucumber, Basil, & Sweet Mint
  • 1oz - Kon-Tiki: Hibiscus Flower, Coconut, Sea Kelp, & Lime
  • 1oz - Midsommar: Lilac, Fresh Cut Grass, & Aquavit
  • 1oz - Paloma: Butterscotch & Vanilla Bean Flan
  • 1oz - Ra's Journey: Egyptian Musk & Sea Salt
  • 1oz - Ragnar's House: Sweet Orange & Red Cedar
  • 1oz - Soothe: Teakwood, Cardamom & Vanilla
  • 1oz - Soulcake: Toasted Brown Sugar & Vanilla
  • 1oz - Rich Hippie: Lavender, Sage, & Caribbean Teakwood
  • 1oz - Oslo Santo: Palo Santo & Sandalwood
  • 1oz - Swedish Sugar Cookie: Buttery Sugar Cookie & Cardamom


Your Choice of Three Scents! Choose any combination of three scents from our signature collection.  We will deliver them to you wrapped lovingly in a canvas cloth bag, hand-stamped with our classic Urban Chandlery logo. These adorable little candles are perfect for travel, overnights, or anywhere you want to take a little magic. With a burn time of about eight hours, our ‘Babies’ are made with the same love and craftsmanship as our our other lovely candles.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 6 × 2.25 in


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Can't decide which scent to try first? Try out our adorable 1oz Baby Travel Tin Candle Sets! Comes in a 10 pack or your choice of three signature frangrances.

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