Ra’s Journey: Egyptian Musk & Sea Salt

Scent: Egyptian Musk & Sea Salt

Scent Intensity: Deep

The story behind the scent: The story of Ra’s Journey is a three-fold

The Egyptian sun god Ra traveled across the sky during the day on the ‘morning boat’ and through the Du’at (the underworld) on the ‘evening boat,’ assuming different forms during his journey.

In the late 1960s, Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, inspired by depictions of reed boats he found on Easter Island and determined to prove that these boats could have enabled contact between peoples in African and Central and South America (noting the similarities of the pyramids in both regions), worked with boat builders from Chad to create the Ra out of local Egyptian papyrus reeds. The Ra travelled from Morocco across the Atlantic with a crew of seven men from Europe, Africa, and the Americas, specifically chosen to demonstrate unity and cooperation under difficult conditions. Taking on water due to a structural flaw, the Ra was abandoned just one week before reaching Barbados. Undaunted, Heyerdahl began again in a ‘can-do’ spirit of determination, this time employing a crew of Peruvian (and X) builders from Lake Titicaca, the Ra II was built and launched with an equally international crew and made it safely to its destination in Barbados.

To add even deeper dimension to the meaning of this scent, Ra was the nickname of a close friend of mine of several decades who decided in his early 40s to return to school and finish his formal education, graduating at age 44 and moving forward with dreams he had long postponed.

Ra’s Journey is all about the journey we take through day at night, through the illumination of bright times and the warmth of the sun, as well those times when we must walk along through darkeness and the uncertainty of night, all without giving up. The sun god Ra sailed through the Du’at every night towards morning, Thor Heyerdahl and his crew made it across an ocean to prove different people can come together in unity, and my friend struggled through years of adversity to achieve a dearly-held goal.


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