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The Urban Chandlery Story

My passion for chandlery was sparked while visiting Scandinavia, where candles are burned at all hours and through all seasons, even during the long summer days and nights bright with midnight sun. I brought this Nordic love affair with candles home to my native California and started Urban Chandlery to celebrate the mythology and stories of Scandinavia, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Each Urban Chandlery candle scent begins with a vision. From this vision flows the ‘story’ of the candle, told with scent. Just as a writer sits with a blank page and draws from a library of words, when creating a new scent I curate a custom blend from a library of oils, reaching for those I feel will convey the story and drawing inspiration from many sources – a myth, mood, or even memory. Transforming these visions into fragrances remains my favorite part of chandlery and always feels magical.

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches in a small Bay Area studio. We blend natural coconut wax, luxury phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, and materials of the highest quality to make our special creations. As a small woman-owned business, we partner with local suppliers and artists whenever possible to create a product that reflects the environment in which it's created. Each candle is prepared, poured, finished, and packaged by hand, ensuring a truly handcrafted, personalized product. I believe this kinetic, hands-on contact with my candles infuses with them with a special energy and quality that imparts a bit of joy and enchantment to those who burn them.  

Be the light in the darkness,